• Reduce printing and upkeep costs by replacing print compendiums, menus, brochures...
  • Add and remove new Apps or slides anytime for last minute specials, daily or seasonal menus, conference schedule, VIP welcomes...
  • Complete design freedom! We'll work with you to perfectly complement your property's branding.
  • Use slideshows and maps for a self-service concierge or lobby app.
  • Real-time remote updates over WIFI to all devices.
  • Increase revenue through direct marketing F&B and activities.
  • Use visually engaging F&B and room service Apps to drive sales.
  • Support your international guests with multilingual content.
  • Access our stock hospitality icon library.

Multiple Apps for Flexibilty

This 10 App plan gives you ample choice for how to structure your compendium. Choose a standard setup such as Guest Services, Room Service, Area Guide and Bars/Dining. Or tailor your Apps to your own unique offering, including your Spa or House Cinema schedule.

With 10 Apps, you can setup a Concierge App in your lobby, and keep some Apps up your sleeve for one-off seasonal or festive events, conference schedules, or even personalised VIP and wedding welcomes.


Per-Device Licensing

Your Compendify Hotelier package will be tailored to the number of devices you require. You'll pay no more than you need for your number of rooms, and the more devices you license the cheaper it gets.

Power Host

  • Guest love having a curated iPad to guide their experience. Consider the boost to your Trip Advisor rating!
  • Forget your printer-woes and the run-around of updating an unprofessional looking plastic-sleeve folder... Your guests expect better!
  • Give yourself a break... A well prepared and easily updated Room Guide on iPad will save you hours answering guest questions about how use the TV, WiFi or aircon.
  • Real-time remote updates over WiFi to all your devices. You'll love this if you have villas in multiple locations!
  • An F&B or Activities App will ensure your guests get the most out of their stay. And consider the possibilities for developing deals and commissions from your local partners!
  • Access our stock hospitality icon library.
  • Free training session on how to add and update content.

Room Guide Compendium & More

This 4 App allowance is perfect to get you started with a Room Compendium, and then think about curating your guests' stay with your guide to local activities, dining and nightlife.

Watch out for our specials! We'll customise icons for you and help you get setup with a ready-to-go Room Guide!


Build the Experience

This affordable plan will help you wow your guests and is the perfect tool to curate an authentic experience during their stay.


  • Great for hotel lobbies and galleries.
  • Use slideshows to showcase your activities or area guide.
  • Free-up staff and shorten wait times by enabling guests to self-serve.
  • Add slides anytime to market last minute specials or seasonal offerings.
  • Display welcome messages or conference schedules.
  • Complement your personal concierge services, and give your concierge and desk staff a powerful tool to provide guests with the best possible advice during their stay.

A Full Concierge Service

With this unlimited allowance we'll help you build a full self-service concierge to complement your personal services - Area Guide, Activities, F&B, Hotel Facilities, Transport Info, and more for your special events, promotions and VIP welcomes. Offering a self-service option can shorten wait times and enhance your guests' service experience. The automated slideshow means your Apps can showcase your venues and offers while guests kill time in the lobby waiting for their companions. And with unlimited Apps you can still have room for making one-time Apps like conference schedules or VIP and wedding welcomes.


Concierge Desk + Porter's Station...

With a targeted 5 device license you'll have plenty of options for servicing your guests and save a bundle too!

App Builder

  • A tailored solution so you can take full advantage of our flexible and scalable App framework.
  • Create catalogues, slideshows, stunning images slides with popups, email lists, surveys, guides...
  • Great if you need to publish new Apps on the fly.
  • Remote updates over WIFI are perfect for managing Apps over wide areas.

How Many Apps?

With a tailored solution we can organise a larger than usual App allowance. So you can create the perfect App for each of your guests or users as you need to.


How Many Devices?

And whether you have one App or one hundred, with a tailored Device License you'll be able to put your Apps on the right number of screens for the right price.