Compendify the Concept

Initially a solution to replace printed information in hotel rooms, the Compendify concept has grown and continues to evolve. We're about becoming a hub for all your guest information, communication and interaction.

So we're building Compendify as a Guest Engagement Platform, and leading the way in this new and exciting area of Hospitality ITS. We're far more than the printed page could ever have been, but also far more than the experience of downloading yet another "Guest App".

Compendify the Service

Compendify is managed by software developers with experience in hospitality and systems design. We're dedicated to delivering quality services with a personal touch.

With a background in developing Web Apps from the earliest days of the mobile Internet, we started to put together an iPad based solution for hospitality that would pioneer a new approach to presenting facility information to guests. Starting in 2009 in Sydney Australia with a single boutique hotel, we grew the Compendify idea into an easy-to-use online service, and Compendify was launched in June 2012.

Compendify is a solution from Further Ventures, a privately owned and independently managed enterprise located in Australia. Our aim is to launch business ventures that demonstrate a commitment to quality, and to build client relationships that endure.