A Guest Engagement Platform for Resorts, Hotels, Wineries, Spas and more

Why a Guest Engagement Platform?

Your guests are on-site and hungry to see what's going on and what's on offer. So give them what they want!

Content starts with your facility info - think guides, room compendiums, catalogues, brochures, portfolios, menus...

But don't stop there - Engage your guests with In-App Social Feeds, Easy-Post Video Slides, interactive maps, local weather forecasts, and targeted content.

With Deep-Linked QR Codes you can take guests direct to the facility info they want. Easily download a QR Code for any slide in your App, ready to display all around your property. And it's the same info they'll see around your property on your public large-screen displays - because Compendify presents as a kiosk-style App too.

More than an App. More than a Kiosk.

It's beyond time to quit printing, but you'll need more than just an App, website or Kiosk.

Get your facility information and marketing collateral off the printed page and into beautifully displayed Web Apps. That means sharing your content across all screens - guest smartphones, tablets, laptops - as well as your public-facing large screen displays.

From Engagement to Bookings

With In-Content Facility Bookings, your guests will find it easy to lock-in a reservation on the spot. Be it for a dinner, an activity or tour, perhaps a spa reservation for that someone special.

You'll have detailed control over bookings management, through our comprehensive yet intuitive Admin Console.

Guest logins can be driven straight from your PMS, or you can set up a custom interface. We'll work with you to make it happen - all too easy.

What Can Compendify do for You?

Perfect for creating eye-catching on-property marketing material, whenever you might have thought to print. Plus all these benefits...


Save Costs & Drive Revenues

Reduce Printing and Staff Costs

Moving printed hotel compendiums and menus into remotely updatable iPad Apps can save hundreds per room per year. You save directly on printing costs, but also on the upkeep tasks - especially if your devices are distributed over a wide area.

Placing your Apps in lobbies, on counters and in other public spaces allows guests to self-service, and lets you streamline operations.


Interactive Features

Take Guest Requests

Guests can submit requests directly in the App, and monitor their itinerary. They can even pull-in other family and friends into the same booking. F&B, activities, spa, even housekeeping requests.

Drive Workflows

You'll be able to drive workflows for both front and back-of-house. Monitor requests online or set up alert emails.


Available Everywhere
Available Offline

Make Apps on the Fly

Add and remove content anytime, with the super-easy admin website.

Think of the opportunities for conference schedules, seasonal and festive promotions, personalised VIP welcomes, weddings and other special events.


A Marketing Platform

Direct Marketing, Cross Promotion, Advertising

Use striking image slides and popups to present your own or affiliated goods and services directly to your guests.

Generate revenues from partners or agencies for advertising slides presented to your audience.

Run as a slideshow, or intersperse promos and advertising amongst your content.


Real-Time Remote Updates

Real-Time Marketing, Continuous Updates

With real-time updates that are next to instantaneous, your content never need be out of date. Updating a single price is as simple as logging on to the admin website, and last minute changes can go live straight away.

And real-time marketing gives you new opportunities to drive sales - last-minute deals, daily promotions, chef's specials...


DIY Option

Keep Control & Manage Costs

With the super-easy admin website you can build your own Apps with complete design freedom. Access our stock hospitality icon library, and use the Theme Manager to build branded styles to share between your Apps.

No need for technical knowledge or to use a costly developer. With the simple step-driven process you can have your first App published in minutes, not weeks.

Or talk to us about our App Setup and Content Entry service to get a head start.

More Features...

Tools & Features to Make Great Apps

  • Apps function offline when WIFI unavailable
  • Multilingual Apps
  • Slideshow mode with auto-swipe
  • Powerful slide designer & editing tool
  • Link to Google Maps and external websites
  • Support for separate Retina display images
  • Screen controls for enhanced usability
  • Add custom Javascript and CSS to further extend your Apps